Pearl Multi Stage Cartridge (PUSHFIT)

For systems purchased from January 2012 onwards with the new push-fit stainless steel housing. We recommend that cartridges be changed every 6- 12 months. Please bear in mind, however, that the period between cartridge replacements is not guaranteed. Everyone's water is different and in areas, with a higher level of turbidity (dirt, sediment, etc.) it is possible that more frequent cartridge changes will be required.

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The 'Pearl' replacement water filter cartridge is FreshWater's exclusive, top of the range replacement water filter cartridge. Assembled in our own factory, The Pearl's unique multi-media design combines porous ceramic, high tech carbon block and redox media to provide effective sub-micron water filtration. The Pearl cartridge is effective against a wide range of possible waterborne contaminants, including sediment, harmful bacteria, parasites, cysts, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, oestrogens and heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

The new design offers the same filtration performance as the old model, employs 70% less plastic in its construction with improved flow.

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