About Us

The FreshWater Filter Company was founded by Dwight Wood in London in the 1980s. About to become a first-time father, Dwight found himself increasingly concerned about the quality of ordinary tap water – and decided to find out what drinking water filter systems were available for the home and families. Dwight soon discovered there was very little choice – and that the filtration products that were available were invariably complicated, expensive, and difficult to maintain.

Dwight spotted a gap in the market. And, convinced that everyone has a right to access great-tasting, impurity-free drinking water, The FreshWater Filter Company was founded. Since those early days, FreshWater hasn’t looked back. In fact, the business has gone from strength to strength and we have stayed true to our original ethos: that when it comes to water, everyone should have a choice.

Acquired by the Greg Rowe Group in 2008, FreshWater is today regarded as the go-to brand for quality, well-designed drinking water filter systems that don’t cost a fortune. Above all, we remain passionate about designing and manufacturing products that deliver the best, healthiest drinking water.

Based in Norfolk, our best-selling filter products include our Freshwater FW1000 and FW2000 systems, which offer superior, multi-stage filtration, as well as the option to tackle specific contaminants. We make and stock replacement filter cartridges for a wide range of filter taps, systems and fridge freezers and our in-house customer service team are always on hand to help.