Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

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Multipure's carbon block filter cartridges provide the most efficient filter performance possible. Combining the highest quality, FDA-compliant raw materials with cutting-edge manufacturing methods, Multipure carbon block cartridges deliver unrivalled filtration performance.

Multipure carbon block filter cartridges use a premium grade carbon with industry-leading surface area that allows for the greatest use of the carbon's adsorptive capacity. Higher surface area extends the life of the cartridge, lowering the need for frequent filter changes. Our advanced manufacturing process produces carbon block filters of exceptional consistency, which further maximises the adsorption capacity and maintains consistent flow rates.

  • Multipure carbon block filter cartridges are available in industry standards sizes
  • Multipure carbon filter cartridges are compatible with a huge range of drinking water filter systems, whole house systems and specialist colonic filter systems
  • Multipure's CTO cartridges remove chlorine and improve taste and odour; available with 5, 10 and 25 micron performance
  • Multipure's SUBM cartridges are effective against sub-micron matter, VOCs and cysts; all deliver 0.5 micron performance
  • Multipure's SUBMPB cartridges are also effective against sub-micron matter, VOCs and cysts, but also remove lead; all deliver 0.5 micron peformance
  • Multipure's carbon block has been tested and certified by NSF International in line with NSF/ANSI Standard 42 (material requirements only)