Pearl' Compatible with Carron Tri-Pure Filter Taps

Harmful Bacteria, Parasite, Cyst, Chlorine and Lead removal

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Designed and manufactured exclusively by FreshWater and made in our own UK factory, the Pearl 1000X-25-FR-2 multi-stage replacement water filter cartridge is a high quality upgrade for the Carron Phoenix FRX02 filter cartridge supplied as standard with all Carron Phoenix filter tap systems.  Our Pearl cartridge is directly interchangeable with the Carron Phoenix FRX02 water filter cartridge.

The FreshWater Pearl water filter cartridge utilises a combination of filtration materials and techniques to produce drinking water of a consistently high standard.  First the water passes through an outer shell of sub micron porous ceramic, dedicated to the removal of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts, such as cryptosporidium.  The water then flows through a `redox' media, a 'zeolite' impregnated carbon block making the Pearl water filter cartridge particulary effective against chemical contaminants including chlorine and heavy metals including lead.  

Considering the performance to price ratio of our Pearl replacement water filter cartridge it represents excellent value for money. As a primary UK manufacturer of replacement water filter cartridges we are able to dispense with the middleman and deliver direct to you from our Norfolk factory. So why not upgrade your Carron Phoenix FRX02 water filter cartridge to a Pearl cartridge today?

We recommend that the Pearl water filter cartridge is replaced at six month intervals. For your convenience we offer a free reminder service and the option to pay by direct debit.

Unsure about fitting your Pearl replacement Carron Phoenix Equivalent water filter cartridge?

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