Multipure Aquasplash Bathtub Water Filter

You bathe your children every day, and you want the water that touches their skin to be as pure as possible. Do you really want them to be bathing in chlorine on a daily basis? If the answer is no, you may have faced the problem of how to remove the chlorine from your bathwater. Bathtub water filters that attach to your bathroom tap can be inconvenient and make bathing more complicated. Aquasplash is the solution.

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With the Aquasplash water filter for the bathtub, you can have the best of both worlds. Your children, yourself, and anyone else in your family can have a bath with filtered water without any complicated plumbing attachments. This bath dechlorinator is a self-contained filter that you just drop in the tub. It is no more obtrusive than a bath toy.

Filter Application - Chlorine, Chloramine

Filter Efficiency - Up to 100% (Chlorine), 25% - 30% (Chloramine)

Filter Media - KDF-55 Formula 73

Approximate Capacity - 200 Baths (1 year)