LG LT500P Replacement Fridge Water Filter Cartridges


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Replacement OEM LG water filter cartridge with a 6 month/500 gallon capacity.

  • Superior quality filtration cartridge with an NSF certified carbon block
  • Removes contaminants, such as chlorine’s unpleasant taste and odour
  • Filters dirt, rust and other sediments
  • Provides safe, clean water with a fresh taste and clearer ice
  • Simply replace every 6 months
  • Filter replacement light illuminates on your refrigerator when it is time to replace the filter

Freshwater’s high quality replacement fridge filter is fully compatible with LG refrigerators with a short round filter, typically found in the top, right hand corner of the fridge compartment at the back. Freshwater’s LG LT500P compatible fridge filter cartridge can be used to replace filter cartridges with the following part numbers:

LG 5231JA2002A, LT500P, LT-500P, 113542, 1648-0019, 2471632, 3660175, 4300343S, 46-9890, 469890, 4609890000, 5231JA2002, 5231JA2002A-S, 5231JA2002B, 5231JA2002B-S, 88009234, 88009235, 9890, ADQ72910907, ADQ72910907, AK100V, AP4444454, AP5641456, ATAG, CNZ5231JA2002A, EAP3527580, EAP4098514, EFF-6005A, EFF6005A, ER5231JA2002A, FML-1, GEN11042F-08, Kenmore 9890, LGE5231JA2002A, OPFG-RF300, OPFL-RF300, PD00001846, PS2487038, RFC0100A, RWF-1050, RWF1050, SGF-LA22, T2004CNZ1648-0019, WF-290, WF290, WSL-1, WSL1

These are used in the following LG fridge models:

795.5131, 795.51033.011, 795.51312, 795.51029.010, 79558826900, 79572093310, ISC27925ST, LMX25964ST, LRSC21935, LRSC26905, LRSPC2031, LRSPC2041, LRSPC2051, LRSPC2331, LRSPC2341, LRSPC2661, LSC23924

If the part number of the filter or fridge model is unknown, cartridges compatible with Freshwater’s LG LT500P filter can also be identified by the following product codes:

  • 161451726250
  • 048231779777