FW2000 - NO TAP

For longevity and design versatility, choose our FW2000, which has twin stainless steel cartridge housings (guaranteed for 5 years) and offers a choice of taps and specialist filter cartridges to tackle either limescale, nitrates or fluoride.

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What is the difference between the Filter Taps and which is right for me?

  • The Contemporary filter tap option is a mini tap that is fitted alongside your sink and existing kitchen tap. An additional hole in your sink or work surface will be required to fit this tap.
  • The Ceres is a Three-Way Filter Taps which means that in addition to unfiltered Hot and Coldwater it dispenses filtered water through a dedicated waterway within the same spout via the FreshWater 2000 system, therefore negating the need to make another hole in your sink or work surface. Used to replace your existing kitchen mixer tap. FreshWater Three Way water filter taps are manufactured to European standards and will provide many years of trouble-free use.
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  • Fluoride removal (Malachite FL-25-PF): 

    A minority of local health authorities instruct mains water companies to fluoridate their water supply. Learn more at http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Fluoride/Pages/Introduction.aspx.

    Whilst most water companies do not add fluoride to the water supply, we appreciate that many FreshWater customers would still prefer to check. We recommend visiting your local water supply company’s website, where you will be able to find plentiful information about fluoridation.

    If you do wish to remove fluoride from your drinking water, choose a FreshWater FW2000 system with a Malachite filter cartridge.

    Malachite Filter Cartridge Spec Sheet

  • Nitrate removal (Jasper N-25-PF):

    Nitrate levels are strictly regulated, so if your water comes from a mains supply, there should be no cause for concern. However, water from a private supply – for example, a borehole or a well – might be present more of a worry. Especially if the water supply is in a remote or rural area, where ‘run off’ from agricultural activity can result in higher levels of nitrates.

    If you believe you need to target nitrates removal from your drinking water, opt for a FreshWater FW2000 system with a Jasper filter cartridge.

    Jasper Filter Cartridge Spec Sheet

  • Limescale removal (Crystal D-25-PF): 

    If you’ve used a simple jug filter to prevent scale from building up inside your kettle, or to stop scum forming on the surface of your hot drinks, you could be forgiven for thinking that all drinking water filter systems will tackle limescale.

    However, this is not the case. Limescale is a cosmetic concern, and by removing the calcium and magnesium in water that create hard water deposits, many of the recognised health benefits of these minerals are also removed. If you would prefer to retain such health benefits, why not consider FreshWater’s FW1000 system, which has been designed to remove unpleasant and unwanted contaminants e.g. chlorine, chemicals, and heavy metals, but which will leave healthy minerals intact.

    Still want to tackle limescale? Choose a FreshWater FW2000 system with a Crystal filter cartridge.

    Crystal Filter Cartridge Spec Sheet

What's in the box?

No tap option

You will receive the filter housing and all connections/hoses to fit it to a standard plumbing setup, including the shut-off valve.

If you have your own filter tap that you wish to use, please note that our connection to the tap terminates in a 1/4 inch plastic tube. You will need to make sure that your tap can take this fitting or source a suitable adaptor.

If you would like help, please email us with pictures of your tap fittings and we can advise you.

Ceres or Mini tap option

All fittings will be included for both the filter housings and the tap.

How do I specify a specialist filter with my FreshWater 2000 system?

Simply select which tap you would like with your system first, then select the desired filter from the dropdown menu.