FW1000 - NO TAP

Our 1000 system features a solid, stainless steel undersink cartridge housing and can be purchased with a range of taps - including 3-way (hot, cold and filtered water) designs. Both systems come complete with our own, British-manufactured. multi-stage PEARL ceramic and carbon cartridge.

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What is the difference between the Filter Taps and which is right for me?

  • The Contemporary filter tap option is a mini tap that is fitted alongside your sink and existing kitchen tap. An additional hole in your sink or work surface will be required to fit this tap.
  • The Ceres is a three-way filter tap which means that in addition to unfiltered hot and cold water, it dispenses filtered water through a dedicated waterway within the same spout via the FreshWater 1000 system, therefore negating the need to make another hole in your sink or work surface. Used to replace your existing kitchen mixer tap. FreshWater Three Way water filter taps are manufactured to European standards and will provide many years of trouble-free use.

What's in the box?

No tap option

You will receive the filter housing and all connections/hoses to fit it into a standard plumbing setup, including the shut-off valve.

If you have your own filter tap that you wish to use, please note that our connection to the tap terminates in a 1/4-inch plastic tube. You will need to make sure that your tap can take this fitting or source a suitable adaptor.


Ceres or Mini tap option

All fittings will be included for both the filter housings and the tap.