Franke Triflow FRX02/FR9455 Alternative with Lead removal


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The FreshWater alternative to the Franke Triflow® FRX02®/FR9455 with lead removal is fully compatible with all the 1st generation Franke Triflow® filter tap systems, including the Franke Trispray, Franke Mini and the Franke Little Butler LB 2000 systems.

Our replacement water filter cartridge is designed to provide broad spectrum water filtration. Two key technologies are employed in the construction of our alternative to the FRX02®/FR9455 filter cartridge.  There is an outer shell of FreshWater's own sub-micron porous ceramic encloses a section of extruded carbon/zeolite block. Used in combination, these two highly efficient filter media provide effective water filtration across a wide range of possible drinking water contaminants: harmful bacteria, parasites and cysts including cryptosporidium; chemicals including chlorine, pesticides and herbicides, and heavy metals including lead.

How do we manage to offer our eqivalent Franke Triflow FRX02®/FR9455 at such a competitive price?  Because there is no middle man involved.  We make and ship our water filter cartridges direct from our own UK factory, enabling us to keep costs to a minimum and as an additional bonus, reduce the carbon footprint.

If you would like to ask a question about our Franke alternative cartridges, please contact our friendly and experienced customer service team on 01603 871 594 during office hours or email to They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  And why not call to ask for details of our replacement cartridge reminder scheme and optional direct debit payment plan. No more worry and inconvenience, just relax in the knowledge that your next FreshWater replacement cartridge will be delivered to your door on time, every time.

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