Franke FRX02/FR9455 Value Alternative

FreshWater's alternative to the standard FRX02/FR9455 without Heavy Metals removal This filter is not suitable for use with boiling water taps.

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FreshWater's Value alternative to the FRX02®/FR9455 cartridge.  In recognition of the fact that many of us are of a mind set to economise during the current downturn, but still want to continue to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind from having filtered drinking water on demand, we have introduced a new low cost replacement water filter cartridge.  Our Value filter cartridge is a more affordable alternative to the standard Franke cartridge and will screw directly in the place of your existing filter cartridge, without the need for any tools or adaptors.    

Manufactured by us and delivered direct from the Freshwater UK factory the Value cartridge, despite its extremely competitive price, still manages to address the most important water quality concerns.  By utilising a combination of two tried and tested water technologies, porous ceramic and carbon, we are able to offer a water filter cartridge that will reliably remove waterborne particulates down to 1 micron in size, including potentially harmful parasites and reduce chlorine to provide clear, clean, odourless drinking water with the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium intact.       

Any questions about your FreshWater Value alternative FRX02®/FR9455 replacement filter?  If so please contact us on  01603 871 594 or email us at  A member of our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team will be on hand to assist you.  They will also be happy to explain the details of our replacement filter cartridge service and direct debit scheme to ensure you receive your new FreshWater replacement water filter cartridge on time every time.

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