Franke Dealk Alternative (Push Fit)

A limescale & heavy metal reduction filter

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FreshWater's alternative to the Franke Dealk cartridge is suitable for use with the second-generation Franke FilterFlow Stainless steel filter housing launched in May 2011.  FreshWater uses a specially formulated dealk resin that is designed to reduce the formation of limescale in your kettle and on the surface of your kitchen taps. It will also prevent the unsightly scum that sometimes forms on the surface of cups of tea in hard water regions. Our dealk cartridge is also effective against heavy metals, including lead. Important Note: This filter is not suitable for either of the first generation Franke Triflow housings. Franke Triflow 1st generation system were sold before May 2011 and were supplied with either a stainless steel or white plastic housing. 2nd generation Franke FilterFlow systems were supplied with a label on them that states 'Standard Replacement Cartridge Franke 03', whereas the 1st generation housings have a label with a serial number on them.

FreshWater's filter cartridges are delivered direct from our own UK factory. This enables us to be competitive without compromising quality.  FreshWater's in-house customer service team are also on hand to help with your after-sales inquiries. They will be happy to include your details on our cartridge reminder system and to offer you the opportunity to join our secure direct debit payment scheme. 



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