Franke 07 Value Alternative

TapSpares's alternative to the standard Franke 07, Compatible Franke Minerva 3 in 1 Kettle Tap Filter Cartridge

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The Compatible Franke 07 is the water conditioning cartridge for use with Franke Minerva 3 in 1 Kettle taps supplied pre-October 2017. It is important, particularly in hard water areas, to change the cartridge every 6 months as advised to prevent limescale forming and protect the boiler.

The filter is designed to remove chemicals such as Chlorine, improve the taste and odour of the water and prevent limescale from adhering to the element inside the boiler.      

Any questions about your FreshWater Value alternative Franke 07 replacement filter?  If so please contact us on 01603 871 594 or email us at  A member of our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team will be on hand to assist you.