Ceres three-way kitchen tap - Without Filter System

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What could be more convenient than a kitchen tap that dispenses hot, cold and filtered drinking water from a single spout?  Well, that's exactly what the Ceres does - so if you're upgrading your existing mini filter tap, why not consider rolling 3-into-1?

Stylish and built to last, the Ceres has a single lever handle for selecting hot or cold flows of water, whilst a smaller, compact lever handle on the tap's side is used for dispensing filtered water.  Exclusive to FreshWater, the Ceres is a top quality tap, which features long-lasting ceramic valves that give a smooth, precise feel when turning the tap on and off.  An aerator, cleverly concealed in the tap's spout promotes a soft, bubbling flow of water.

The Ceres is the perfect upgrade to a mini or touchflow tap and can be used with FreshWater's 1000 and 2000 systems (stainless steel cartridge housings) or MP1K and MP2K systems (white plastic housings).