Carron Phoenix Carbon Dealk equivalent

Limescale Chlorine and lead reduction

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The FreshWater equivalent Carron Phoenix Carbon Dealk water filter cartridge is fully compatible with all Carron Phoenix water filter tap systems. 

FreshWater's version of the Carron Phoenix Carbon Dealk cartridge incorporates a section of the latest technology 'Matrikx' carbon block, combined with 'Dealk' resin.  The Carbon Dealk cartridge is designed to remove chlorine and heavy metals.  In addition it also reduces the residues associated with hard water, namely limescale in the kettle and scum on the surface of hot drinks.      

Your Carbon Dealk water filter cartridge will need to be replaced at 3 - 6 monthly intervals depending on the hardness of your water and the amount you use. 

How can we offer our version of the Carron Phoenix Carbon Dealk at such a competitive price?  Because, unlike Carron Phoenix, we have no middleman involved.  Your FreshWater replacement water filter cartridge is delivered direct from our UK factory, enabling us to pass on savings to our customers. (The truth is we are the original designers of the Carbon Dealk cartridge and until recently supplied Carron Phoenix)!       

Unsure about fitting your Carbon Dealk replacement Carron Phoenix Equivalent water filter cartridge?

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