Whole House Filter Systems

The benefits of clean, filtered water go beyond your glass.  So, whilst it's good to know the water you drink is of a consistently high standard , the quality of the water you use for bathing, showering and washing is just as important.  In fact, with up to two thirds of harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals occurring through daily cleansing routines, it makes sense to ensure every source of water in your house is freshly filtered.

Many of us enjoy a long, steamy shower.  However, when chlorine is heated, it vaporises.  So if your water has been treated with chlorine, there is the possibility that you could also be inhaling up to 50 times more chlorine than if you had drank a glass of cold, unfiltered tap water.

If you've swum in a pool where chlorine and other chemical levels have been imbalanced, you'll know the irritating, allergy-provoking effect they can have on your eyes, respiratory system, sinuses, skin and hair.  And whilst it's highly unlikely that your shower would be as chlorine or chemical-laden as a swimming pool, over time, it is possible that repetitive exposure will contribute to common complaints such as psoriasis and eczema.  Children and those with mature and/or sensitive skin and hair are particularly vulnerable.

Freshwater's whole house filter units have been especially designed to remove chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from your water supply.  The systems are available in a range of sizes and are installed onto your mains water supply so that every source of water in your house is freshly filtered.  Whole house units are available for your own plumber to fit or we can supply them on an 'installed' basis and fit them for you.