Portable Filter Systems

The Freshwater portable gravity water filters are perfect when you need a convenient, clean, fresh supply of drinking water. With no plumbing or power required our gravity water filter is ideal for daily use in the family home, holiday home or home office. It is also an ideal water security product - to store in the loft perhaps just for emergencies; just in case you have the misfortune to experience a 'boil order' due to local accidental contamination of the domestic water supply; an event that is unfortunately becoming more common nowadays. Gravity filters are widely used by aid agencies in third world countries to provide safe drinking water from unpotable supplies.         

So, how does a gravity filter work?

Gravity filters are very simple, freestanding units that comprises two stainless steel containers, one above the other. The upper container is filled with source water and left to percolate through the 2 (or 4) water filter cartridges in to the lower container. The water filter cartridges supplied as standard with the gravity filter employ a microporous ceramic outer shell containing granular activated carbon. This combination gives the gravity filter effective filtration performance across a wide range of potentially harmful contaminants including pathogenic bacteria, parasites and cysts the main cause of diseases such as cholera, dysentry, bilharzia, typhoid, sediment and chemicals, including chlorine. The filter is fitted with a tap to allow you conveniently dispense the freshly filtered water.

What gravity filter is right for me?

It all depends on how much water you need to filter, really.  The more cartridges, the faster the flow and the quicker water is filtered.  Freshwater Gravity Filters are available with either two or four cartridges.  On average each filter will produce 1 litre of filtered water per hour. 

Will my gravity filter come with cartridges?

Yes, Freshwater Gravity Filters come ready supplied with Sugalite cartridges, which have been designed to remove pathogenic bacteria, organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides, herbicides and chlorine and dissolved heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and cadmium.  However, if you have concerns about particular contaminants, you can choose alternative filter cartridges.

How often will I need to replace my gravity filter's cartridges?

We recommend that you replace the cartridges in a gravity filter at least annually.