Gravity Filters - A portable solution

Gravity Filters - A portable solution

Freshwater's gravity filters are perfect for when you need a clean, fresh flow of water where drinking water might not be readily available.  Simple to use, fully portable and requiring no plumbing, gravity filters are also excellent secondary filters - for example in the home office or upstairs.

Gravity filters use ceramic filter cartridges to remove pathogenic bacteria - the main cause of diseases such as cholera, dysentry, bilharzia and typhoid.

So, how does a gravity filter work?

Gravity filters are very simple, freestanding units that consist of two stainless steel containers.  The upper section, which is fitted with two or four ceramic filter cartridges, contains the impure water.  This water is filtered through the cartridges - removing contaminants - into the lower section of the filter.  The filter is fitted with a tap to allow you to access the freshly filtered water.

What gravity filter is right for me?

It all depends on how much water you need to filter, really.  The more cartridges, the faster the flow and the quicker water is filtered.  Freshwater Gravity Filters are available with either two or four cartridges.  On average, two cartridges will filter 50 litres of water a day and four cartridges will filter 100 litres.

Will my gravity filter come with cartridges?

Yes, Freshwater Gravity Filters come ready supplied with Sugalite cartridges, which have been designed to remove pathogenic bacteria, organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides, herbicides and chlorine and dissolved heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and cadmium.  However, if you have concerns about particular contaminants, you can choose alternative filter cartridges.

How often will I need to replace my gravity filter's cartridges?

We recommend that you replace the cartridges in a gravity filter with two cartridges every six months; gravity filters with four cartridges should be replaced once a year.