The FreshWater Filter Company is the exclusively appointed after sales service agent and filter cartridge supplier for Carron Phoenix Seraphina 3-in-1, Larunda 3-in-1 and Cardea Mini kitchen taps. Registering your tap will allow us to prompt you when a new filter cartridge is required - as well as advise you on service, maintenance and parts - so please take a moment to complete the form below.

Please have your tap's heater tank's serial number to hand when completing the form.

Your tap's water conditioning filter cartridge works hard to minimise limescale deposits - ensuring optimum performance from your tap's heater tank.  The cartridge also tackles sediment, odour and unwanted particles. To order a replacement CP08 filter cartridge for Seraphina 3-in-1, Larunda 3-in-1 or Cardea Mini  taps, please Click Here

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