Bath Ball/Filter

Bath Ball/Filter

Product Code: BCB-2000
Brand: FreshWater
MPN: BCB-2000
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Recent scientific research suggests that up to two-thirds of our daily exposure to harmful chlorine could be through vapour inhalation and skin absorption whilst bathing. The KDF 73 media within the FreshWater's Bath Ball eliminates up to 90% of dangerous chlorine by converting it to harmless chloride ions, protecting you and your family from brittle hair, skin rashes and eye irritation.

FreshWater's Bath Ball effectively disperse the molecular clusters in your bathwater that would otherwise cause these problems. The result is dramatically improved lather and silky smooth, younger looking skin and hair.  

Your water is filtered by crystals and KDF 73 contained in a bag within the ball structure. To use the Bath Ball Filter simply immerse the ball in the bath water and then swirl it through the water for approximately 5-8 minutes. This will reduce the chlorine and chloramine content of your bath water by approximately 90% (or more!)  

The crystal and KDF 73 contents of your Bath Ball should be replaced every 12 months.

Can I buy refills for my Bath Ball?

Yes, FreshWater sells handy twin pack Bath Ball refills - click on the Related Products tab to order your refill pack.

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Is the Chiller noisy?

- Occasional humming and buzzing is completely normal for products that use a fan and compressor.

- If the chiller is making a loud noise:

  • ensure the unit is positoned on a level floor.
  • ensure nothing is touching the unit.
  • ensure there is 10cm between the chiller and the wall behind it.

Why does the Chiller feel warm?

There are pipes designed to contain heat inside the chiller unit which may make it seem warm at times.