Undersink Chiller Unit

EROC Undersink Chiller Unit

Product Code: EROC-18
Brand: FreshWater
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FreshWater's compact EROC undersink chiller unit is perfect for ensuring everyone keeps their cool in the office!  Neat and compact, the unit is installed underneath the sink and is connected directly into the water supply.  Much cheaper than bottled water and far more energy efficient, the chiller is best partnered with FreshWater's own, quality FreshWater 2000 drinking water filter system, which features a flawless 7-stage filtration system. 

A premium quality drinking water filter with two stainless steel cartridge housings, FreshWater 2000 units come complete with a tap, remove 99% of contaminants, bad tastes and impurities and are capable of dispensing up to 4 litres of freshly filtered water per minute.  That''s enough to ensure no one's glass runs dry.  Add an EROC undersink chiller and you can make that 4 litres of refreshingly cool water, too.  FreshWater's FW2000 filter systems come complete with our best-selling, 7 stage filter cartridges or, should you need to tackle specific water contamination issues, can be customised with your own choice of cartridge.

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