FreshWater - Spring Purifier
FreshWater - Spring Purifier FreshWater - Spring Purifier FreshWater - Spring Purifier FreshWater - Spring Purifier

Spring Purifier

Portable free-standing countertop filter

Product Code: MTP-K
Brand: FreshWater
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A portable, counter top product that is ideal for travel, FreshWater's Spring Purifier comes complete with a multi-fitting diverter valve, which can be fitted into almost any tap - normal or mixer.  Water can still pass through the spout as normal, but press a button on the side of the Purifier, and water is diverted to the system's filter - removing contaminants and impurities - and producing a flow of freshly filtered water.  The Spring Purifier's hard-wearing, durable plastic housing makes it lightweight and excellent value for money.

Perfect for life on the move.

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Unique 7-Stage 'Pearl' Filtration Process

Concerned about the quality of water whilst travelling or staying away from home?  With FreshWater's Spring Purifier, you needn't be.  The Spring Purifier uses FreshWater's unique and highly effective Pearl 7-stage filtration process.  Deservedly one of our most popular purification systems, the Pearl process removes more pollutants than any other single filter cartridge, whilst allowing the water to retain healthy minerals and trace elements.

  • Stage 01 99% of all particles larger than 1 micron (not visible to the human eye) is removed by ceramic filter media.  This includes bacteria, parasites, metals, organic matter and other chemicals.  The ceramic is impregnated with silver, which, as well as providing a secondary barrier against contaminants, also works to keep the ceramic sterile.
  • Stage 02 Activated carbon eliminates chemicals and organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides and herbicides.
  • Stage 03 Coconut based granular activated carbon removes chlorine, improves taste and odour and further tackles chemicals.
  • Stage 04 Anthracite based granular activated carbon is used to 'polish' the water and removes colour, xeno-oestrogen, chlorine by-products and chemicals.
  • Stage 05 Especially designed flow baffles improve the efficiency of the filtration process.
  • Stage 06 Selective ion exchange resin removes toxic heavy metals from the water such as cadmium, lead and mercury.
  • Stage 07 Finally, a 20 micron polypropylene layer prevents the escape of any carbon or resin particles.




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